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So much of our lives are spent apart from our loved ones. Work limits the quantity of our family time and health issues of our older and aging family members threaten the quality of our family time.  Grape Stuff's mission is to provide products and resources that help families come together and increase not only the quantity of our time together, but the quality.  

Grape Stuff co-founders, Rich and JoJo Tabares, have been married for 29 years and have two children: a daughter (26) and a son (17). They believe that family is of the utmost importance and strive to share ideas and products that help families become more united and have more fun! GGB Main Pix

Grape Stuff began in July of 2015 with the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill and baking mats that make BBQing easy and clean-up a breeze.  Summer is a perfect time for families to spend more time together.  The Grape Grill Buddy, The BBQ's Friend, is a 'grape' way to limit the time you spend cleaning up while maximizing your time spend in the great outdoors.  This fabulous product is currently available on Amazon.

We love to share resources and information that help families and here are some ways in which we do that:Family Fun on a Budget Cover

You can download your free copy of Family Fun On a Budget! This is a huge collection of free and nearly free activities families can do to spend time together in all seasons!  

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One of the difficulties of getting older is when the women in the family reach the age of menopause.  It can be a frustrating and confusing time, but not only for the woman who is struggling with it, but also for her family.  Grape Stuff's newest product can help!  Grape Stuff is proud to announce its second product, the Menopause Survival Kit available right here on the Grape Stuff website! 

 As we women get older, we have a tough time keeping family unity with all the new things our bodies are going through, so in addition to our brand new kit for surviving menopause, we have some new free materials to help you along in your change of life journey.

First is our brand new monthly newsletter, Hot Flash Happenings!  And we also have a fun movie rating system. If you've been known to cry at toilet paper commercials, this will be helpful!   Lastly, we have a brand new Facebook group for surviving the Menopocalypse!  LOL 


Check back often for new products, tips, and inspiring information that will help your family become and remain united!