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Menopause Stuff

JoJo Tabares, the cofounder of Grape Stuff, has been in Peri-Menopause for over 17 years ever since her son was born.  She's had brain fog so badly, she forgot her OWN name.  Her hot flashes could heat a small city.  And her mood swings have sent her husband thinking she was twins.

She's been through most everything and what she hasn't been through personally, she's had in depth, detailed conversations with Peri Women who have.  All that to say, she can help YOU survive your own MENOPOCALYPSE!  




In her quest to find things that soothe the savage menopause, she created the Menopause Survival Kit. Everything a Peri Woman needs to get through this difficult phase of life.  This is an ALL NATURAL approach that works EVERY TIME.  Check it out by clicking the link above. 


Every Meno and Peri Woman who struggles with her hormones needs a good friend and here's your chance to connect with other women going through the same things.  Ask your questions and get some answers. Giggle and have fun...because the alternative isn't as much fun!  Join us on Facebook for Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause!


Lastly, if you've ever been caught hormonally unprepared for a sad movie, you'll love JoJo's Menopausal Movie Rating system!  Check out the list of movies she's already rated and email her to add to the list. Let's help each other to be emotionally prepared to view a movie whether it's a Giggler or something that's Spousal Guidance Suggested!