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Menopausal Movie Ratings for the Hormone Impaired

MMRHave you ever agreed to watch a movie you really knew nothing about and it turned out to be a tear jerker you were unprepared to cry through? I have! You watched with people who didn't understand why you were the only one sitting there sobbing uncontrollably.  And the tears went on for hours after the movie ended.  

I recently watched the movie 7 Pounds with Will Smith.  It is a FABULOUS movie!  Poignant, well-acted, great story, and I cried BUCKETS!  I cried long after the movie ended and it ruined my entire night because I had a 7 pound headache after crying that much.

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to have a menopausal movie rating system to help me decide if I wanted to subject myself to a movie that was a tear-jerker? Or if I'd rather watch something that was a giggler?  Apparently, nobody had ever thunk of that before so, to help all of us peri meno tear fest participants, I created one.


The Official Menopausal Movie Rating (MMR) System:

  • Rated G for Giggles: Scenes of uproarious laughter and some lighthearted fun.
  • Rated FG for Feel Good: Lighthearted and cute. A real feel good movie.
  • Rated D for Depressing: Slightly depressing theme, but has a happy(ish) ending or overall countenance.
  • Rated SG for Spousal Guidance Suggested:  Tear-Jerker. Sad theme(s) with only a few happy or neutral scenes. This is a movie you won't want to see without your spouse to comfort you.  You might want to wait for a particularly hormone-free day to watch this especially sad one, but with your hubby's help, you can get through a good tear-jerker movie.
  • Rated UC17 for Uncontrollable Crying especially difficult for those not in the 17 days of the month (or year) you are happy with your hormones: WARNING WILL ROBINSON! This is a movie so emotionally charged or sad that you really shouldn't watch it at all if you are having a tough hormone day crying at toilet paper commercials, you weigh half a pound more than you did yesterday, or worse, your husband ate your last piece of chocolate!! Grrr!!!!

Movies I've Rated:

Rated UC17 for Uncontrollable Crying:
  • Passion of the Christ 
  • 7 Pounds 
  • Pursuit of Happyness
Rated SG for Spousal Guidance Suggested:
  • Old Yeller
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Beaches 
  • Love Story
Rated D for Slightly Depressing Theme: 
  • Titanic
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Babe
  • Heaven is For Real 
  • Courageous 
  • Bridge to Terabithia 
  • Fiddler on the Roof
Rated FG for Feel Good:
  • Sound of Music 
  • The Vow
  • Mary Poppins 
  • War Room 
  • Facing the Giants 
  • Fire Proof 
Rated G for Giggles:
  • Murder by Death
  • Clue 
  • Princess Bride 
  • The Santa Clause 
  • Mom's Night Out
Your turn!  Email me ( with a movie that is not yet on the list with your recommendation for its Menopausal Movie Rating.