About Us

sport betting online Grape Stuff's Family of Sites has a rich history that begins with the co-founders Rich and JoJo Tabares. Rich and JoJo have been married for 31 years and have two children: a daughter (28) and a son (19).

They believe that family is of the utmost importance and strive to share ideas and products that help families become more united and have more fun!

Seeds of Grapeness:

JoJo's love of all things purple began two weeks after she was born on a car trip from Colorado to Florida to the next military location where her father was stationed.  According to her mom, it was quite hot in the car and JoJo had a hard time breathing. Her face turned purple and her parents had to pull over to cool her off before continuing on to their new home.   

Her first favorite toy was one of those plastic PlaySchool ring toss.  JoJo loved the smallest ring (purple) partly because it was small enough for her to hold and, of course, it was PURPLE!

As the years went on, her love of purple only grew, but so did her disappointment as, back in the "olden days," not much came in purple.  She was devastated to find gifts of blue because it was "close to purple."  [shakes head]

Over the years, she was forced to dye things purple in order to satisfy her desire to live a more purple life.  Fast forward many years later and she found that many products began to be offered in purple. She started wearing only purple - every day, filling her home with purple alternatives as they became available, and collected purple things even if they weren't needed. [Purple things are ALWAYS needed!]   

After talking with other purple lovers, JoJo created For the Love of Purple in order to share her almost unquenchable passion for purple or (as Mug Man often puts it) "It's an illness" albeit one he fully supports betting tanzania

For her "day job," JoJo is a writer having authored over 600 humorous and insightful one-liners about life she calls JoJoisms, most of which have been copyrighted in The Big Book of JoJoisms.  

Grape Stuff actually began in July of 2015 offering products on Amazon, but and quickly became a parent company selling MugXpressions  (Mugs with her Expressions) that have her JoJoisms on them.  

As her For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page has grown to over 7500, she realized the need for purple products. So Grape Stuff is being redesigned to provide those hard to find purple products to a nation of grape-loving purple freaks like her!