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Grape Resources for Surviving the Menopocalypse

Did you ever spend your spare time in the freezer section of your local grocery store?
Do you cry at toilet paper commercials?

Have you ever forgotten your OWN name?

Do you wake up already needing a nap?

Then you know the struggle that is menopause! You are not alone!  But what you may not know is that there is hope and there is help.

Hi. I'm JoJo Tabares and I've been in peri-menopause for over 17 years now...ever since my last child was born. I've been through just about every meno issue, tried many of the remedies, and talked to thousands of not so happy, peppy people about their meno and peri journey.

Now, don't worry.  This doesn't mean your peri predicament will be as long or eventful as mine.  What it DOES mean is that I've gone through just about all there is to go through for long enough that I can help you!

I've created several grape resources for surviving what I have come to call the Menopocalypse!  


Hot Flash Happenings Monthly Newsletter: 

Hot Flash Happenings is a monthly newsletter for the menopausal woman that shares funny stories about hot flashes and brain fog, and the other trials and tribulations of being a woman during “The Change” of life. You’ll find memes, JoJoisms, Visual JoJoisms, and helpful tips that will put a smile on your face, a giggle in your weary heart, and help you get through this frustrating and difficult time of life. You can read more about our monthly newsletter here.  






























 Menopausal Movie Rating System:  

Have you ever agreed to watch a movie you really knew nothing about and it turned out to be a tear-jerker you were unprepared to cry through? I have! You watched with people who didn’t understand why you were the only one sitting there sobbing uncontrollably.  And the tears went on for hours after the movie ended.    

I recently watched the movie 7 Pounds with Will Smith.  It is a FABULOUS movie!  Poignant, well-acted, great story, and I cried BUCKETS!  I cried long after the movie ended and it ruined my entire night because I had a 7 pound headache after crying that much.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have a menopausal movie rating system to help me decide if I wanted to subject myself to a movie that was a tear-jerker? Or if I’d rather watch something that was a giggler?  Apparently, nobody had ever thunk of that before so, to help all of us peri meno tear fest participants, I created one.  You can check out the Menopausal Movie Ratings here

Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause Facebook Group: 

Join the Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause group over on Facebook