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With so many new issues facing families today, it's nice to have some support!  If you would like tips on saving money, bringing your family closer together, building better marriages, and parenting advice for today's issues, Grape News is the newsletter for you!  But that's not all!

Grape News, has been expanded from monthly to weekly to include more grape information and tips for your family!  Here's why you should subscribe:

1. The author of the newsletter, JoJo Tabares, the co-founder of Grape Stuff has YEARS of experience in many of the issues families face today: 

* JoJo is a published author and maintains six blogs on various topics families face.

* JoJo has 17 years of homeschooling experience and has homeschooled in three states (both on the east and west coast) and retired from homeshooling just last year (2017). 

* JoJo has over 27 years of parenting experience and has dealt with issues such as sensory integration disorder and autism. 

* She and her husband, whom she calls Mug Man, have been happily married for 31 years (they were college sweethearts)! 

* In that same 31 years, JoJo has had to come up with some very creative ways to both save and earn extra money.  

* JoJo also has 40 years of experience in living with various chronic issues/illnesses.  

* She has a degree in Speech Communication and has been writing about and teaching speech communication skills both online and off for over 30 years.

* She's lived on both the west and east coasts of the US in seven states so she's experienced life in big cities and small towns. 

But that's not the only reasons you'd want to have this valuable resource come to your inbox each week!  Here are a few more reasons: 

2. Check out all the Newsletter Segments:

* The Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo is a monthly article sharing the life of the Grape Stuff founders as they navigate mid life, marriage, parenting, and business ownership that give our readers insight and a well deserved giggle!

* Top Ten is another monthly segment that shares the top ten to the most important issues families face like the Top Ten Most Important Conversations You Should Have with Your Family!

* Fast Facts is another monthly installment that alerts your family to new trends that affect families and shares what you need to know and/or what you can do about them.

3. Also included weekly segments: 

* Family Fun: Family friendly jokes, memes, and other fun to lighten your load!

* Families in Trial: Links to articles and other resources for families facing health or financial challenges.

* Monthly Contest: Be among the first to learn how you may win a free Grape Stuff product each month! 

* And much more because what she doesn't know, she'll find an expert to share with you!

4. Subscribe here and get a free copy of Family Fun on a Budget! 

Family Fun on a Budget provides TONS of ideas for free and nearly free activities to do with your family!

It's a collection of ideas I came up with and wrote several articles about after my own family's vast experience with the "Lean Years."  

Yours free when you subscribe today!

5. Your information is safe.
We never sell or give away your info and we only put out a newsletter when we have something important to share!

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