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Her royal purpleness, JoJo, has been taking purple matters into her own hands for years whenever things weren't grape enough. She's turned just about everything she's owned to purple at one time or another over the years.  And she is going to be sharing her expertise on our YouTube channel (The Grape News Network)...and when she does...this email list will let you know about it!


Not only will she be sharing free How To / DIYP (Do It Yourself Purple) videos about making your clothes and other things more purple, but she will be hosting some Facebook Live events where purple lovers can get together and discuss our purple needs.  You'll be able to request a particular How-To video demonstration or ask a grape burning question you've always wanted to know. won't know about these events if you aren't subscribed to this email list! 

In addition to all of that, there will be some free purple gifts (<----like the one you get just for subscribing), and a new purple item you've told us you've been looking to add to your purple collection!

The mailing list will also share purple news, links to grape info, purple product reviews (so you know if the purple version of something in the grocery store is really worth it before you buy it), purple memes, special offers we find, and a Grape Deal of the Week on Grape Stuff products just for our subscribers!

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