Dyeing for Purple Subscriber Gift

Welcome Grape Value News subscriber!  We've got a really GRAPE gift for you this week!

I've always loved purple, but when I was a little girl, nothing came in purple!  Growing up, I had to create my own purple clothes and, until recently, you couldn't find much in purple at all. 

I got a LOT of experience dyeing clothes over the years and so I put this booklet together for you with some tips on dyeing so you'll get even more out of your wardrobe and closet.  I'm sure you have clothing lying around that you don't wear because you don't like the color, well, now you can make it any color you like!

I wrote this with purple peeps in mind, but you can swap out the purple dye for whatever color tickles your fancy.  Just click on the link to download your free copy of Dyeing for Purple!


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