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Cooking, BBQ, and Baking Stuff

Grape Stuff's first product was the Grape Grill Buddy.  The BBQ's Best Friend!  If your family loves a good backyard BBQ or the great outdoors or you'd like a way to help you avoid extra time in the kitchen, you need to get the Grape Grill Buddy by Grape Stuff.  

Why spend what little family time you have doing chores?  So many families opt NOT to BBQ because of the clean up involved afterward.  NOT ANY MORE!

 Now with this set of two BBQ grill mats your food can get those wonderful barbeque grill marks and cook evenly every time!  NOTHING sticks to these mats! They are safe and easy to use.  Then, after you're done, just wipe off the mats with soapy water (or put them in the dishwasher) and there is no need to scrape the grill clean!  PLUS veggies NEVER FALL THROUGH THE GRATES!  "Grape" for baking too!

Check out the Grape Grill Buddy Available on Amazon and order yours today! 


If you love to BBQ, you'll also love our free bonus gift that comes with the Grape Grill Buddy when you order because as a special bonus you get "Grape Grilling Secrets: Tips, Techniques, and Recipes!" 


Here is some of what's covered:

* BBQ Safety

* BBQ Grilling Tips

* Easy BBQ and Marinade Recipes

* Planning Your Backyard BBQ Party

* And much more!


If your family loves to BBQ and loves to spend time outdoors, you'll love our free gift! This Grape Stuff gift requires no purchase!  You can download your copy of "Family Fun on a Budget" right here and right now!   This includes TONS of free and nearly free activities you can do with your family. It covers activities that are in the great outdoors as well as inside, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring!