30 Days of Menopause free subscriber gift

 Welcome to all the Grape News subscribers!  

Normally, we have a coupon code for a special discount on one of our grape purple products, but this week we have a special treat for you.

This is a special gift we created a while back. It's a collection of 30 of the best JoJoisms on the topic of menopause.  Since JoJo entered perimenopause almost 19 years ago, she had been writing her one-liners poking fun at the hot flashes and memory issues that come along for the ride.  Now that she's on the other side of surgical menopause, she's continuing to enjoy the humor she finds even today.  

This collection is free for you. Whether you're going through it, are on the other side, or know someone who is, this is a fun way to laugh through the struggles and have a grape time in the process!  

Its called 30 Days of Menopause and it's yours free this week courtesy of JoJo and the Grape News mailing list!  Enjoy!

* NOTE* Keep in mind that some of the links at the end no longer work or are active, but the humor is always in style!