Why I'm Leaving Facebook

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After many years of working to build up a following on Facebook and other social media sites, I've found that it's increasingly difficult to comply with their ever changing rules. 

Recently, I had what I'll call the last straw. Even my personal posts on Facebook weren't reaching any of my Facebook friends.  It's one thing to be working night and day to share your products and services, but I was finding it even difficult to find ways to GIVE AWAY FREE GIFTS!  Nobody should have to work that hard to give away free quality items that families NEED. 

Our new mailing list shares QUALITY items that are both FREE and nearly free.  These are things most families are looking for, want, need, and would be lucky to find!  But Facebook in particular was making it almost impossible to share something people have been asking for.  Why?

Facebook doesn't like outside links. So now sharing your YouTube video, mailing list, or blog post (even when packed with pertinent information to your audience) is almost impossible.  Facebook simply won't show it.  

Facebook will only show posts from friends, groups, or fan pages that someone has liked or commented on frequently.  Never mind business sales posts, nobody sees what you had for dinner, your son's acceptance to Pepperdine University, or your prayer request for a dying Aunt.  

So what are people doing to get others to like and comment on their posts?  They...

1. Post a bunch of silly questions that get people to comment.

2. Post links to click bait articles that promise info on X but deliver Y.

3. Post "90% of People Can't ..." articles so people can comment how they are part of the elite 10% because EVERYONE can do....whatever it is. 

4. Spend hours and HOURS commenting in groups, on fan pages, and on friends' posts trying to get them to come on over to their group, fan page, or wall.  

I'm done.  I'm just done!  I'm done spending my life trying to jump through Facebook's hoops. I'm done trying to research the best groups who will let me post what I want to share. I'm not comfortable misleading people into commenting silly things just to get them to see more of my posts.  I'm just DONE!

Grape Stuff, LLC and its network of family sites give value. 

Real value!  But lately, I found myself spending so much time "playing the game" that I didn't have enough time to create the products and put together the quality information to share with those families who are truly searching for them!

So...if you want to provide your family with quality items, valuable information, and do it without cost or at a significant discount or price, all you need to do is subscribe to Grape Value News!

Each week on Monday morning you'll have all of the weekly information at your fingertips directly in your inbox whether or not you had time to check your Facebook messages, liked and commented on 500 of your friend's posts, or made an effort to go to your group's pages to see what Facebook didn't think you wanted to see that day!  No muss. No fuss. No tricks...just treats!

In fact, you'll get a free gift JUST for subscribingAnd the value will keep coming to your inbox EVERY Monday from then on!  If you like something, download it!  If you want something, click the link and buy it!  If you don't, just wait til next week and see what else we have for your family!  

Here's just a small sampling of what kinds of things we will be sharing each week: 

* Free weekly downloadable books on various topics on which families need information. Like this one <---

* Blog articles about Life Beyond Surviving! Article links available to you and your family any time you need to read them over (if you save our emails) for the times in which you feel you have nowhere else to turn or you need something uplifting to counteract your struggles. 

* Discounts on existing Grape Stuff family of products.

* Discounts or gifts on/from our other family sites: Art of Eloquence homeschool materials, MugXpressions coffee mugs, etc. 

* Discounts or gifts on/from products and services from other companies we have vetted as we find them. 

And MUCH More!

Subscribe now and make sure to white list us so we don't end up in your SPAM filter.  Also, we'd love it if you'd share this post with anyone you know who would love to get free information, items, and discounts on products/services their families need!   

Thank you and God Bless!

JoJo Tabares
Grape Stuff, LLC
A Network of Family Sites

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