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We've redecorated!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

We've Gone Ape over Grape!

We've been busy this week redecorating our website home.  How do you like it? We've redone the header logo...and we've even gotten creative! 


We spent a lot of time creating more value for our brand new weekly newsletter called, Grape News! We've added a bunch of articles and information that will help families grow closer together, save money, get more out of their marriages and get some parenting help as well.  We have a free gift for you too, just for subscribing!  You can read more about the segments JoJo will be covering by clicking the Grape News link!

We have updated our Contact Us page with all of the places you can now find us.  We thought it would be fun to call that page the Grape Vine! It has all the different ways you can connect with us!

We also had some fun updating our About Us page with what we call the Seeds of Grapeness.  It's the story of how Grape Stuff got started.  We've entitled it Grape SeedsIt's a fun and rather odd story I'm sure you'll enjoy reading. 

We renamed this feed you're reading right now.  This is where we share what's new and coming soon here at Grape Stuff.  We have called it Grape Times.

We just added a new page to the site where we share some of the things our customers are saying about us.  Right now we just have posted some of the reviews we've received from our MugXpressions customers, but we also have a link to some of the testimonials for our Art of Eloquence line of speech communication studies.  We'll be adding more later.  We've called it Grape Job

Finally, we've created a page that will share whenever we have any discounts, sales, or freebies on any of our sites.  We will be putting this information in our Grape News mailings, but if you ever want to see what's going on, just check out our page, Grape Value

Oh, and one last thing.  We've started a new DIY series over on our Facebook fan page on Wednesdays that share articles we've found on the web about do it yourself projects for your house/family.  We are calling this, Grape Ideas!  


Well, that's all the Grape News that fit to print in the Grape Times so we'll catch you later.  Have a Grape Day!  :D 

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