The Grape Difference

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If you're a purple lover, you know how difficult it has been in the past to find things you need (or want) in your favorite color. When I was a little girl, almost NOTHING came in purple. I'd get blue because "it was close to purple." NOT!

These days though many things DO come in purple, most of them do not. The unfortunate truth is that you may occasionally find a purple vacuum cleaner or toaster at Walmart and a few purple blouses on Amazon, but you cannot ALWAYS find a purple option.

Stores need to keep inventory and that costs them money. They stock the most popular colors like red, blue, green, and yellow, but purple is still much harder to find. That's why Grape Stuff is so important to purple lovers.  We provide a way to purchase the purple items you don't usually find outside our virtual grape walls.

I started my For the Love of Purple site in August of 2009 and my For the Love o Purple Facebook fan page a few days later. It's been almost 10 years!  What started out as a blog for one lone purple fanatic became a place for over 8000 purple people to share their passion.  When those people began asking where to find all the lovely things I was sharing, I realized I had no idea. Most of the pictures were old and I couldn't find anyone selling them. Others were photoshopped and just didn't exist. 

After a short stint trying to sell some mugs I designed on Amazon, I realized I could find my own suppliers of purple and offer all the quality purple products in one grape place...and that's exactly what I did! 

As Grape Stuff moves into 2019, we vow to keep searching to bring you quality purple products and offer them to you at the best prices we can. We ask that you bear with our delivery dates as we are not able to offer the 3-day shipping many have come to expect from vendors like Amazon. We promise the purple is worth the wait!

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