Spectrum: Two Purple Thumbs Down

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So...the first official Grape Stuff Purple Thumb Award goes to: Spectrum Cable. And here's the hilarious story behind why they more than earned two thumbs down: 


The Charter Incompetence Log Backstory:
About a million years ago in another lifetime, I used to live in California. For those who are counting, that was two states and three houses ago...twice removed. 

 At that time the company was called Charter. Charter was so bad that I had, what I called, my Charter Incompetence Log.  It was about 10 pages long full of entries like: 

"Had to call Charter for a third time to come out and install our phone and cable. Nobody showed up again."  

After getting it installed, we had problems with the service, with customer service. In fact, it was so bad that they waved our monthly fee for about six months and sent us three preprinted Hallmark "I'm sorry we screwed up again." cards in the mail! I'm joking about what they called the cards, but that's what we called them!

A few years later, I learned that Charter Cable was voted Worst Company in America and I wasn't a bit surprised.  

We Thought We Were Safe from Charter:
Fast forward to in time to Indiana.  We had what was then called, Bright House Cable: A little unassuming company that provided fairly good service for a slightly more than reasonable fee. Charter bought them out in 2016 or so, I can't remember and they changed their name to Spectrum. I'm pretty sure it was so nobody knew it was really Charter. Just after they took over, we began to see a familiar pattern of poor service and poor customer service.   

 At the end of 2018, we were ecstatic to find that there was a new cable company in town and they were asking Spectrum customers to switch over.  There was a stampede to get into their pre-launch program.   

Trying Way Too Hard to Cancel: 

We gleefully called to cancel Spectrum only to find that there was a hitch in the disconnect notification and it didn't, in fact, go through. About a month later, I had to call back, wait on hold, get hung up on, call back, wait some more, and go through the 3-minute verification process to make sure I was me.  They didn't care as much if I was me when I opened the account, but they wanted to make darn sure it was me who wasn't going to be paying them anymore! 

Apparently, that didn't go through either as we received a bill in the mail and an email for two months past due. I called again and went through the process of finally being transferred to a representative who told me the previous two reps were supposed to do something or other in the computer in order to make it go through. Not only didn't the last gal do that, but someone canceled the cancellation order!  I'm not making this up!

This rep assured me it had been done. No really.  We owed them $40 or so for the FOUR days we had service that month and I asked if that could be waved due to all of my time and trouble trying to get it canceled and for all the poor service we had and because it was always a hassle paying via their site.

No Good Will for Poor Customer Service:
She put me on hold, but when she came back she informed me that Spectrum refused. To her credit, this rep had authority to wave up to $25 on her own, which she did. However, that left a piddly little amount that we had to pay.

I was assured that we'd have access to the site in order to pay that amount, but as of this writing, we have not been able to log onto the site in order to do so. We also have not received a bill showing that we only owe that amount.  

The Upshot or Should I say Rim Shot:
Two Purple Thumbs way down for Spectrum/Charter or whatever it is they are calling themselves these days. Most people investigate the school system before they move into a neighborhood. My husband and I look for the cable company that has dominion over the area. If it's Charter, Spectrum, or Bright House, we think again about moving into a neighborhood like that! 

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