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January 24th is Compliment Day:  A reminder that we should make an effort to say something nice to others.  Just one of those silly holidays you look up as a lark, but it came at a time when I had been thinking about how many more times people complain than they compliment. Then I had a GRAPE IDEA! 

Art of Eloquence will be sharing this meme on their Facebook fan page on that day.  

I had been praying over an idea I had. You see, I served about seven years as a Customer Service Rep. You know, the place people go when they're PO'd about something and need someone to yell at. Well, at least that's how most of those conversations went. It's a tough job hearing people complain about things all day and it was a bright spot when I had helped someone clear something up and they actually thanked me. It was a rare moment, indeed, when that person made that appreciation public by telling my boss.  

I'm willing to bet that MOST people hardly EVER hear a compliment, a thank you, or any appreciation for the things they do for others. That's why I make it a point to compliment people whenever I can. I participate in all those Customer Service Surveys you are sent after a call. I make sure to notify their manager if someone does something and there is no survey (in person).  I had made a commitment to doing that on a more regular basis...and in PUBLIC so that the person isn't the only one who knows I think they did a fabulous job! Then this came along and it got my brain cells turning. 

I'm sure you all remember the Pay it Forward movement where you do something nice for someone and then that person would do something nice for someone they came in contact with and so on. So we thought it would be a GRAPE Idea to promote the Say it Forward Movement! Here's how it works: 

1. Make it a point to compliment or show appreciation to others for what they do. 

2. Ask others to Say it Forward, by sharing this on social media and over email with the hashtags #SayItForward and #GrapeCompliments 

Let's all make the world a more positive place by speaking into it the positives about people and companies more than the negative.  We'd like to start a movement and we'd be honored if you would join us!


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