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This is something new I'm starting here. Well, I say new, but it's really old...ish. 

The Back Story:
A long time ago in on a purple site far far away, I started the Purple Thumbs Up Award for purple things I liked. I reported on various purple products to let my readers know if they were worth the money or should be avoided and what exactly was good or bad about them. 

Those of you on the Grape News mailing list know that I review purple products to let you know how they measure up. This will be kind of like that only for products that aren't purple.

I believe that products and services have a duty to uphold a certain level of grape-ness. They need to do what they advertise and the customer service of the company should be willing to work with their customers.  Some companies are grape at it and some, well, some sadly are not. 

After an especially difficult experience with a service I had, I decided to reinstate the Purple Thumbs Up Award and its counterpart, the Purple Thumbs DOWN Award. This is for services or products that are not purple but are either acting in an especially grape way or a rather UNgrape way. 

The Purple Thumbs Rating Scale:
Just as movie and Amazon ratings that have up to five stars, my rating with go from Two thumbs down to two thumbs up. 


Two Thumbs Down indicates a company who has trouble with more than just one issue or aspect of the company.

One Thumbs Down rating is for a company that has one ungrape issue. 

Zero thumbs means a neutral experience neither good nor bad. 

One Thumbs Up rating is for a company who has gone above and beyond for their customer. 

Two Thumbs Up will be for a company that has done an outstanding job of giving their customers grape service or a grape product! 

The first award goes to a company I've had trouble with before. Stay tuned next week for the FULL story. Though it's sad a company should be this bad, it's a pretty funny story!

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