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New to the Grape Stuff Family! Copywriting for your small business!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

The Grape Stuff family of sites has grown this year! 

JoJo Tabares has been writing since she was nine years old and she's written 18 speech communication studies for us at Art of Eloquence.  Her materials are recommended by the Home School Legal Defense Association and were given the "Homeschool Approved" award by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  

Now JoJo's skills can help your small business reach more customers over at Unique Copywriter!  Here's why you'll be happy she does: 

* If you don't have the time to manage your company's social media...

* If you don't know how to create social media memes or what to post...

* If you don't know how to write blog posts that will keep customers coming back to your site...

* If you don't have the time to write articles that will bring value to your client base...

You'll be glad JoJo does!  Check out all the Unique Copywriter can help you with so your time is freed up to do more of what you need to do!



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