March is National Craft Month!

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Just a quick post to share with you something fun!

March is National Craft Month! I've done a lot of crafts in my day! I'm in the process of writing a book about how to purple-ize your life. I've dyed my clothes purple, I've redone bedspreads, furniture, done applique on plain clothing to make it something special for my kids...ok mostly my daughter.  

This month is a fun way to recognize the value of redesigning your life to be what you want. You can make old things new. You can redo clothing to update an old look.  You can redesign something you don't use and make it work for you.  

The Grape News mailing list offers a new DIYP: Do it Yourself Purple project video each and every month, but next month we'll have a special one for you so...

Make sure you're subscribed so you can take advantage of it because, as a rule, we do not provide these videos that we share on the newsletter to anyone else. They are JUST for our newsletter mailing list subscribers. 

So, if' you're a craft lover, crafty gal, or love to do projects with your family/kidlings, this is the month you need to be subscribed!  And you get a special gift just for subscribing, which not so coincidentally, is about CRAFTS!!!  

Check out that title! Yup!  It's all about dyeing your clothing!  Great tips and projects for you purple craft fans!! 


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