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Grape Stuff underwent a HUGE change last year!

A Bit of Background:
We started the site when we began selling on Amazon. Our first product was a grill mat. We called it the Grape Grill Buddy, but it had too many competitors on Amazon and we discontinued selling it after a short run. We, then, decided to sell something with a bit more JoJo flare: coffee mugs with my JoJoisms on them. I wanted them to be purple, but my husband thought we should start with something that would resonate with a larger segment of people. Don't judge him too harshly. It sounded like good marketing advice when we took it. 

The Sanity one was a JoJoism I wrote after not being able to remember my name during my insomnia hay-days and by the chaos of motherhood. The Coffee one was inspired by my fellow Fibro sufferers and new moms. 

However, Amazon has gotten more and more difficult to work with as a vendor. They are FABULOUS if you're just a customer, but they make it hard to do business so when they raised their storage fees, we decided to bring our mugs home and sell them from ourselves. 

And NOW:
Unfortunately, they are now taking up a large corner of my office along with a few Menopause Survival Kits and a box of serenity and Christian praise CDs we put inside the kids.  

If you're looking for a fun gift for someone special, we'd be honored if you'd consider these items.  They are all quality, nonpurple products that can ship IMMEDIATELY. We will no longer be carrying here as my husband had seen the purple light (along with over 8000 of us purple nuts on the Facebook fan page! 

Please HELP us see the floor again:
We'd love to be able to see the carpet in the office again, so please forward this to everyone you know and help us liquidate our nonpurple inventory.  That would allow us to carry even MORE purple items in the future! 

To paraphrase the old Bartles and James guys, Thanks, again for your PURPLE  support!

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