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2019 is starting off just GRAPE here on Grape!  There were several significant milestones I posted about recently and there is a Grape Big Announcement that affects all our purple lovers over on the For the Love of Purple Fan page! 

In late 2018, the For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page charged right on over 8000 fans.  It's fast approaching 8200 right now! Thanks to all the loyal purple fans who like, comment, and share!    

The Grape Stuff Facebook fan page got over 800 fans toward the end of 2018. 

We not only share some purple things but some FUN things.  Join us on the Grape Stuff fan page for Grape Puns and Purple Fun: 


And now the GRAPE Big Announcement: 
I noticed that we purple lovers didn't have a holiday that was purple. Christmas is red and green, Independence Day is red, white, and blue.  Valentine's Day is red. So...I took a poll over on our For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page about what date we should use to celebrate Purple Appreciation Day. The dates that kept coming up were in February because it was Amethyst birthstone month and also August because there were no other major holidays in August. 

So, I took a second poll asking which date everyone would prefer.  It was EXACTLY even!  What to do when given two equally grape choices?  You choose BOTH! 

February will be a month-long celebration while August 23rd will be Purple Appreciation Day because, coincidentally, that is the date I started the For the Love of Purple fan page! 

I'm going to create new memes for each of them and we can fully celebrate both as we come to those dates! Stay tuned to the fan page for all of that grape fun! 

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