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If you're not yet a subscriber at Grape Value News, you've missed out on some FABULOUS free gifts!  But don't worry because, if you subscribe now, you'll be in time to get the Best Of 2018 in our newest Hall of Grapeness quarter end issue coming later this month!

1. Moving Mistakes You Don't Have to Make
 I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have moved! I was only two weeks old when my family moved from Colorado where I was born.
I’ve lived in several places in N.Y. and in Florida. I’ve lived on the east coast as well as the west.

After I moved to California, met and married my husband, we moved over seven times inside of that state until we found our way to Arizona and ultimately to Indiana. From our second Indiana home is where I’m writing to you now.

In all that time, I learned a LOT about the process of moving that has helped our family cope with the upheaval that is the moving process. This short, but powerful eBook will give you the most important things I’ve learned.

2. Top Ten Buying Mistakes

I’m 55 so I’ve lived a goodly time. I’ve also been broke enough to roll pennies for gas money so I know a thing or two about saving money while having to purchase products and services for my family.  That gives me a lot of tips and tricks to share with your family to make sure you avoid the top ten pitfalls of purchasing.

If you don’t need something, it’s easy to not spend money on what your family doesn’t need. But if your family desperately needs and X and you don’t have the money to buy the top rated product without giving a second thought to its quality or how well it fits your needs, you might be tempted to fall into the marketing traps and buy something that ultimately costs your family.

How to Avoid the Top Ten buying Mistakes gives you the tools your family needs to buy without bondage.  I pray it blessings you!

3. 20 Most Important Social Media Mistakes You're Probably Making
Social media has changed a lot since I subscribed to Facebook back in 2008!  But some things haven't changed and that's these 20 Most Important Social Media Mistakes You're Probably Making! 

If you're on Facebook, you'll want to look these over to help you get your posts across more successfully.  If not, you may be spinning your wheels and not making the time you spend online worth the effort.  

4. Top Ten Essential Skills for College Students

If your son or daughter is in high school, you’re probably thinking about college right now. You’re probably wondering if your child is ready to be on his/her own.  I was too.  About ten years ago, we graduated our daughter from our homeschool and were concerned about what things she should know and be ready for.

We graduated our last this past year and he will be going off to college in the fall so I know the anxiety you may be feeling right now.  But, I can help. 

Here are the ten most important things your child needs to know and be ready for by the time he or she heads off to college.

5. Six Ways to Demand Better Customer Service

This comes to you from the Art of Eloquence archives after I had several run ins with various customer service reps who wouldn't or couldn't take care of my issues. 

These are six incredibly powerful techniques I developed in order to reach the correct person and get my issue resolved.  

So without any further delay, here is your free copy of Six Ways You Can Demand Better Customer Service!


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