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Grape Value News will list some free services for your family!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Grape Value News, Grape Stuff's mailing list is constantly on the lookout for free and discounted products and services for families. PLUS we create our own valuable resources that we provide to our subscribers and ONLY our subscribers FREE!  

This coming issue (Monday), we will be bringing you several free services and materials you and your family might need. 

After many years of teaching communication skills and having to contact customer service to resolve issues, I have come up with some important tips that can help you get your issues resolved when you call customer service.  These days, customer service has been reduced to an Automated Audrey kind of button pushing so large companies don't need to hire people to handle things for them as much as possible. 

This means that it's more difficult than ever to get issues resolved if they are in any way out of the ordinary (which is usually why I call, I don't know about you).  So I put together this resource so that your family has a better than average chance to get your issues resolved.  It's called Six Ways You Can Demand Better Customer Service and it's free to all Grape Value News subscribers this coming week!



In addition to this valuable family resource, we have some special resources for older women in their menopausal years, a way your family might be able to acquire a free cell phone, and even a couple resources/support groups for families in trial!



Make sure you're subscribed to the Grape Value News mailing list so you don't miss out on any of our valuable free gifts and discounts for your family! 


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