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Grape Value News For Homeschoolers!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

As a former homeschooler, I know the value of free resources and low cost curricula.  That's why Grape Value News has secured some GRAPE resources for you this week!


If you have a high school student, you're probably thinking about college prep about now and that might be a particularly overwhelming time for you-especially if you homeschool.  Well, it was for us too the first time around, but we learned a lot with our first and what we found is that there are several other things we needed to prepare our children for than just the academic college prep process. 

That's why I wrote The Top Ten Essential Skills for College Students! It's an invaluable resource for your homeschool and traditionally schooled family because it addresses things most parents don't usually think about.  These are the top ten things we found our daughter needed to know or be prepared for as an incoming freshman at college.  It can be yours free of charge if you are a Grape Value News mailing list subscriber this week!   


While public schools are wrapping up their year, many homeschoolers are continuing to teach school year round or through the summer on some level.  Further, those who don't homeschool might appreciate some of these resources to do with your children during the summer months. 

This coming Monday, Grape Value News mailing list will be featuring some FABULOUS products for homeschoolers and public schoolers who would appreciate some extra resources.  Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out!  

First, Art of Eloquence will offer The Play Book for FREE to all subscribers for a few days.  The details and special coupon code will be available on the mailing list that goes out on Monday.  


In addition, Grape Value News will be host to a free artwork enrichment study from Enrichment 



And finally, if you're a homeschooler wondering how to get through the college prep process, you'll be ecstatic to know that Art of Eloquence's Homeschooler's Guide to Preparing for College is JUST ONE DOLLAR for a few days, but ONLY for Grape Value Subscribers!  












 Make sure you're subscribed to the Grape Value News mailing list so you don't miss out on any of our valuable free gifts and discounts for your family! 


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