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Grape Stuff Welcomes a New Product, The Menopause Survival Kit

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Grape Stuff has a new product and services for the menopausal and peri menopausal woman in the family. It's called the Menopause Survival Kit and it's designed to help women cope better with the often debilitating symptoms of this female issue.  

"When a woman is struggling with peri or post menopause, her difficulties affect the entire family.  It's a time in the whole family's life when things need to be a bit simpler and more calming." says JoJo Tabares, CoFounder of Grape Stuff.  

Hot flashes, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, and a strong hankering for chocolate are just some of the things that affect women in peri or post menopause these days.  Unfortunately, these symptoms are not something that usually go away with medication or even supplements.  Many times the answer isn't to make the symptoms go away, but to cope better with them and that often requires good, old fashioned methods.   

"I've struggled with peri menopause for over 17 years and I've never found a medication or even natural supplements that had much of an affect on my symptoms. And some of those things, even the natural ones, had an adverse affect on my body.  Black cohosh may have helped my hot flashes a bit, but a good old fashioned fan works every time!" states, JoJo.  

The product page states that it is all natural and non toxic as in jest, but it is actually a natural way to deal with these often frustrating and confusing symptoms.  JoJo says, "You can't always set the AC to your personal thermostat, but you can bring a personal, battery operated, hand held fan with you everywhere you go!" 

The kit includes: a personal, hand-held, battery operated quality fan as well as a sleep mask that can help with the insomnia, a pretty leather like notebook and lipstick pen to keep notes during brain fogged days, a packet of tissues for menopausal issues, a CD of peaceful serenity music to help with anxiety, a bag of pink candy coated chocolate for cravings, and a Menopause Guide with further information and links.  

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