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Grape Stuff Redesigned Website

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Grape Stuff announced that it has redesigned its website to be more user friendly.  When Grape Stuff first opened it's virtual doors, it had only one product, the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill and Baking Mat that is available on Amazon.  However, the mission of Grape Stuff is to provide solutions for families in many more ways than just family meals.  

The next family issue Grape Stuff looked to tackle was a woman's issue of peri and post menopause.  The Menopause Survival Kit, available on their website, was introduced
not too long ago and has been a big help not only to the women they are intended for, but also for their families who have to watch helpless and, as JoJo Tabares, Co Founder of Grape Stuff, puts it, "put up with us."  

As more unique products entered the Grape Stuff line, the website was becoming difficult to navigate because each product was so different from the other serving a different kind of family or at a different time in a family's life.  That necessitated a complete overhaul of the navigation to the site which was performed just a few weeks ago.  

The site now has a concise home page complete with slide show and a welcoming explanation of the types of products Grape Stuff is seeking to provide families.  The navigation bar across the top is now clean and easy to see each category of product the company currently has.  As is consistent with their Grape Stuff theme, they now have a link for Cooking Stuff, Menopause Stuff, and other Family Stuff that each has a drop down menu to gain quick access to all the "stuff" that falls under that particular category. Additionally, it has another navigation link with a drop down menu for Free Stuff the company offers its
visitors and customers.

Grape Stuff will be adding to its product line in the coming days and will include more items under the Family Stuff heading.     

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