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Grape Stuff Introduces Hot Flash Happenings Newsletter

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Grape Stuff has introduced a monthly newsletter to go alongside their newest product, the Menopause Survival Kit.  It's a newsletter that features several menopause themed segments. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter page on the site: 

  • Meno Moment-funny brain fog and hot flash stories from the trenches
  • Remedies and Relief-tips that have worked for me or others I've talked with (talk to your doctor and do your own research. I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV).
  • Cravings Corner-recipes for healthy alternatives to the foods we crave, but also some great CHOCOLATE! 
  • Menopausal Movie Ratings for the Hormone Impaired-movies recently seen by me or my readers that have been rated using my MMR scale to help us all avoid excessive/unnecessary crying. 
  • Menopause-aversary Celebrations-Shout outs to subscribers who have reached their one year victory over peri menopause!  I'd love to send YOU a fun e-card celebrating your year (or two or ten) of being in full menopause!

Subscribers will also receive a free item just for subscribing. It's called 30 Days of Menopause, a collection of 30 of JoJo Tabares' famous Visual JoJoisms that related to menopause.  JoJo has been writing these oneliners for years and just recently turned them into visual form. They are on all topics, but many of the most recent JoJoisms are on the topic of menopause because it's a subject close to her.  

JoJo has been dealing with peri menopause for over 17 years and feels for the menopausal woman and her family because she knows how debilitating its symptoms can be.  

There is also a Facebook group she's created to help meno women on a daily basis. It's called Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause.  

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