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Posted by Joanne Tabares on

After a brief hiatus, I'm looking to bring together all of my passions in ONE Grape Site! This one!

Grape Stuff is a play on words and a hat tip to my passion for purple. Grape is now much more! It is now the parent site for all of my passions. In addition to as many locally made purple products deliverable in a MUCH shorter time frame than those we had previously here from China, I am adding the following products and links:

1. My Art of Eloquence Speech Communication materials and homeschool curricula will be linked directly from Grape Stuff and will have a collection category all its own!  

2. I will be adding a group of products with my JoJoisms sayings on them! I'm currently working on this, but expect this HUGE collection category very soon!

3. Some of the products currently on the site are purple, but I will be adding more. Some will have my JoJoisms on them and some will just be beautifully grape in honor of the memes I created for my For the Love of Purple obsession!

4. Lastly, Grape Stuff will also include my passion for uplifting those who struggle with chronic illness/issues as I do. My Life Beyond Surviving blog posts are currently being rewritten and reworked into several eBooks that I pray will uplift those who are currently going through trials.  

Keep checking back to find all of the grape products I will be adding to help your grape family!  

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