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If you haven't signed up for the brand new newsletter, you're missing out on some GRAPE STUFF!  Grape Stuff is proud to bring you Grape News, our weekly email list that comes out each Tuesday!  

Our mailing list gives you weekly videos that are either a How-To, a DIYP (Do It Yourself Purple), a Purple Product Review, or a pure purple entertainment.  

It also brings you a weekly purple news where we share anything purple happening around the world or internet that is newsworthy.  

In addition, we bring you a weekly meme wrap up where we share the most popular purple memes we shared on our For the Love of PUrple fan page over on Facebook.  Most fans never get to see the posts we share there since Facebook's new algorhythm only shows about .5% of each post to fans.  

AND we also share with you one Grape Deal of the Week. This is where our subscribers get an even better deal on one of the purple products we have up for an already discounted price on our site.'s only for our subscribers and only for a few days... So make sure you're subscribed and that you read the short newsletter to the end each Tuesday or you'll miss out on some Grape Stuff!

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