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Coming in April 2017

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Grape stuff is coming to this April!


JoJo Tabares, co-founder of Grape Stuff, LLC, has had a slow recovery from three surgeries in the past six months.  It is with regret that she has announced that she will not be able to continue her monthly newsletter, Hot Flash Happenings in support of those struggling through the Menopocalypse (Surviving Menopause) as she calls it.  However, she has been busy working on a new series of digital materials for families and, in addition, on updating the Grape Stuff website to make navigation easier.

The first new title is scheduled to be released next month, April 2017.  It's called, 30 Ways to Save Money During Tough Times.  This will be a series of thirty practical tips for various ways families can save and even make some money during the lean years and tough financial times.  Grape Stuff News will post an announcement when it is available for purchase.  


The GrapeStuff website now has a cleaner menu.  The Catalog tab now has a drop down menu with easy view of all three of the Grape Stuff products (soon to also include the new digital book on saving money in tough times).  It's now easier to find their fledgling products. The next tab is the Grape News which will be posted with new products and information from Grape Stuff as it happens.  The next tab over is the new Surviving the Menopocalypse page which has all the information Grape Stuff has for those women who are struggling through menopause and includes their Menopause Survival Kit, their hilarious Menopocalypse YouTube video, a link to the Facebook Menopocalypse group, and their free Menopause Movie Rating System for the Hormone Impaired page which gives a tear factor of sad movies from Giggler to Spousal Guidance Suggested.  The Free Stuff tab still has a drop down menu with all of the free items available for families and there is now a More tab with a drop down menu with the categories of products available from  

That's all the grape news that fit to print at this time.  Stay tuned for more as it happens.  

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