All the Grape News that's Fit to Print!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

It's a new month already and we have some grape news for you! It's a short post just to keep you up to date...sort of a Just the Facts Ma'am kind of deal.

First and foremost, I want to give you all warm thoughts. It's been brutally cold out there for much of the US. One day last week it was -50 with windchill here in Indiana. Mug Man had a tough time trudging to and fro in the ice and snow and yours truly (Java Jo) had a comfy time at home worrying about our son. Fortunately, he wasn't turned into a purple student-cicle because Purdue decided to cancel classes for only the 4th time in their 150 year history!  

Secondly, last month Mug Man and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary.  We have actually been together for 37 years (dating) but married for 32.  He has always fully supported my purple habit and has, in fact, contributed to the delinquency of his bride on occasion. 

Further, as I write this post, we are about to run right over 1000 Facebook fans. If you're on Facebook, go like us to get more Grape Puns and Purple Fun!  Here's the meme I created for this auspicious occasion!  

Next, we want to report that we will be working on trying to source a new purple product for the site to the tune of about once a week.  So keep checking back as we will be searching for some of the things YOU told us you wanted!  

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