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Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Even in 2019, it's difficult to find quality purple products!  Most department stores have red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, but only occasionally have purple. You can find them, but not all products even Walmart sells come in purple.  

There are other purple stores - not many, but there are. If you aren't nearby, it's not really an option.  And then even the online purple stores don't carry the kind of quality items I and my purple fans are looking for.  

That left me with only one option: to source them myself.  And you know what? It's still a long hard road to find them ANYwhere! But when I do, I bring them to you here!  Unfortunately, there is a downside which leads some to ask me this question: 

Q: Why do the products take longer to deliver than Amazon? 

A: We only contract with quality suppliers who sell purple items. Even today when you can occasionally find a purple toaster at Walmart and a few purple blouses on Amazon, there aren't as many purple products being sold as the other colored items. Unfortunately, these suppliers do take some time to ship. Each Grape Stuff product page lists the expected shipping/delivery times so you can factor that into your decision, but most of our customers find the purple is worth the wait.

I, myself, have ordered items from places online and waited two months for the items to arrive.  It's well worth it if you long to be clothed in purple and grape-i-fied well! 

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