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What's your idea of the perfect vacation?

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ski mountainSome families love to go camping. Others love the beach.  Yet others love to spend time skiing or on a mountain retreat. There are many ways to have fun as a family.  Some love to go all out.  That means going to a fancy restaurant and staying at a nice hotel while seeing the sights of a foreign country.  Others love the simple life and would be content in front of a roaring fire while watching movies and sipping hot cocoa. Spending quality time with the ones you love is vital, especially in this fast-paced world of the Information Age.  When I was a kid (MANY decades ago), family time was much more commonplace.  Mom didn't work so we kids had a much closer relationship with her.  Dad was home on the weekends and, even if we couldn't afford to go on vacation, we spent time together.  I remember family dinners when my dad would ask us questions about the world and how it works. He would regale us with information for up to two hours.  I remember watching the original Star Trek series and having him critique the faulty science. lol  I remember long drives to Grandma's house and weekends pulling weeds.  FYI: I hated the weeding chores, but at least we spent time as a family. Today's world is fleeting and even young families don't spend as much time together as they used to.  Dad works, often far from home and longer hours.  Mom often works too.  Children are carted around from activity to activity as parents feel it's their duty to enrich them and expose their children to new experiences.  It's no wonder families don't really know each other any more. One of those original Star Trek shows centered around an alien world that was all about recreation.  Its premise was that the more advanced the society, the more the need for play.  I contend that the more advanced our society is the more families need to make time to spend together. What's your family's idea of the perfect vacation? Would you go away for a weekend, a week, a month?  Would you stay home, go out of town, out of the country?  Would you need a goodly amount of money to fund it?  Could you afford your dream vacation right now?  Are you planning it now?  What would it look like? --------------------- GGB Main PixIf you like this post, please share using the buttons below.  And if your family is looking to spend time in the great outdoors this spring/summer, check out the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mats for less clean up and more FUN!

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  • Someday I really want to bring our kids to Hawaii. I remember going as a kid and being fascinated by all the wildlife and history around me. I’d love to share that with them and I hope it’s something we can someday afford!

    Leah on
  • I agree. I’d probably love a mixture, but these days I’m in so much pain. I’d prefer relaxing.

    TheGrapeOne on
  • I love traveling but I never thought about what my perfect vacation would look like. I guess it would have a mix of adventure and relaxation. I tend to not like touristy places too much as they get too culture.

    Terri on
  • Sounds lovely, Julie! Enjoy!

    TheGrapeOne on
  • I love the mountains in the summer, and I also love the beach. My family and I love to sight see as well.

    Julie on

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