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What Tolerance and Free Speech Means to Your Family Part 1

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So many families are struggling these days with voicing their political opinions and ideas because times and changing and pleasant discourse where we agree to disagree is no longer in fashion.  Instead, many employ name calling and even changing the meaning of words to further their agenda rather than take the time to calmly share the reasons behind why they believe what they do.  Here is a bit of the article I wrote about this.  Its' a three part series.  Click the link to read the rest of the article.


If you're too tired to whine and don't want to take the time, redefine!

Too often someone doesn't have the facts on their side so they are reduced to whining in order to support their argument.  "It's unfair!"  Unable to tell us why it's unfair and unwilling to take the time to explain themselves, the political answer is often to redefine the words and terms in order to suit their slant on the topic. This is a three part series on a topic that I've actually discussed in years past, but with the political climate climbing toward the November elections this year, the ideological machines are in full swing redefining words, terms and phrases in order to substantiate their political agenda. Read the rest of this article here!

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