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The Mom Song

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pain This week's a video funny I brought from my YouTube favorites. As Spring has sprung and families are beginning to thaw out, our attention turns to the time of year when we can enjoy outdoor things more.  That usually brings some relief for children who have been cooped up in the house too long...and mom too who has uttered certain phrases ad nausium by this time. Here is one of my very favorite YouTube videos of all time.  It's The Mom Song which the comic says has all of the things a mom says in a day condensed into a few minutes sung to the William Tell Overture.  It has lyrics too so you can follow along.    Enjoy. Feel free to list any she left out that you say on a daily basis.  :D

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  • I love watching it. Soo funny.

    TheGrapeOne on
  • Ha! I’ve seen this before. She did a great job encompassing lots of common things moms say.

    Melanie Pickett on

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