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Project GRAPEful! Grape News LogoWhat a GRAPE way to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Come share what you are grateful for each day with us and you could win prizes as well as be uplifted by the inspiring stories shared here. Project GRAPEful starts on Friday, November 6th! You can see all the details by clicking on the link above.  We've added a contest to it and are giving away several prizes.  Here's what we will be looking for during the contest and what you could win! ============================================ The Contest: We will be posting what we are thankful for each day here on the blog and will be asking readers to post what they are thankful for as a blog comment on each day's post.  If you are struggling with something or have been this year, please feel free to share it and know that we will be praying for you.  We'd love to hear how you are receiving blessings either because of or in spite of your struggles and difficulties.  From those daily comments on our blog posts, we will be awarding three winners: 1. The most inspirational story 2. The person who shared our blog posts the most 3. The most insightful thing gained from doing this project Prizes will include: GGB Main Pix   Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mats     Adult'sStudies3001 Art of Eloquence Prize Packages       We are looking to partner with other blogs/websites who will be posting their own GRAPEful posts daily either on their blogs or social media.  And would are open to having other companies bless our readers by donating even more prizes. Stay tuned for more information coming in a few days!  

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