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Men and Directions

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One of my favorite GEICO commercials right now: Tarzan and Jane fight over directions. Husbands and wives often argue over things like this.  It's said that usually the man won't ask for directions.  In my marriage, my dh never asks, but it's usually because he can get pretty much anywhere without having to.  I, on the other hand, can't back out of my own driveway without getting lost.  What about you?  How is it in your family?

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  • That’s so funny, Sheri. I am the one in my marriage who calls my dh and says I have no idea where I am and he stays on the phone with me til I get there. LOL

    TheGrapeOne on
  • I never ask for directions because I find it hard to get lost :-) my dh will not ask for directions from strangers but will call me and stay on the phone with me till he is where he needs to go ? Hilarious commercial

    Sheri on
  • Thanks, Terrell.

    TheGrapeOne on
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