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Seven Things You Need to Know to Survive the...MENOPOCALYPSE!

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Do you cry at toilet paper commercials?


Do you vacation in the freezer section? 

I do!  And I've tried just about everything. 

Some remedies have side effects, others just plain don't work.  BUT...

Here are seven things you need to know in order to survive the Menopocalypse.  

1. Natural is usually better.

If something can happen, it'll usually happen to me.  That's why I never did drugs, smoked or drank alcohol.  I always figured that if there ever was a negative side effect, I'd be the one to have it and have it in spades!  I'm a lightweight. I can take a sip of beer and feel it go to work on my insides.  I have had pain meds make me pass out and I have a hard time waking from anesthesia.  So I've always tried to use something more natural that has fewer side effects.  

I've avoided hormone replacement therapy as I've heard some horrid things about the side effects. Some of them from the warning labels, some from doctors and some from the women who took them.  But that doesn't mean that perscriptions aren't ever a good idea.  We just have to weigh the side effects with the good it does for us. And each person is different so just because someone you know has a reaction to something, doesn't mean you will. 

2. Natural isn't always safe.

On the other hand, just because it's natural doesn't mean it's devoid of all side effects.  I've had some very strong reactions to things that were natural substances.  My father always said, Opium is natural, but you wouldn't want to take that.  Just because something comes to us direct from nature, doesn't mean we should trust it wholeheartedly without reading up on it or being careful or even using it with a doctor's input.  

I have taken many vitamin supplements in my time and not all of them were side effect free.  I took one thing that had a bunch of Niacin in it and had a huge reaction.  Huge red welts formed all over my body. When I called the doctor, she was worried about my breathing, but fortunately, that wasn't an issue for me.  

Just because something is natural or someone you know took it for a similar issue, doesn't mean it's going to be good for YOU.  

3. Weird things happen to your body during Peri Menopause.

 If you expect that you will have one issue at a time, you might be woefully unprepared for peri menopause.  At first you may notice small things and later on those small things could wax and wane.  At other times, you could notice even large changes in your body a few of them at a time.  All bets are off with peri.  Many heretofore thought of as weird things, might be perfectly normal for you and change at a moment's notice.  

Do check with your doctor if you are concerned and/or you can check with other peri women to see if it is something that is more normal in peri.  If not, you might want to talk to your doctor anyway.  

4. Don't get to attached to NORMAL.

 Speaking of normal, you might not want to get too attached to that feeling while in peri menopause.  Normal is now a setting on the dryer; not a state of your body.  Things will change over time. Other things will be in a constant state of flux.  Yet other things will sneak up on you and/or jump out at you from nowhere.  

I wish I could tell you that you'll hit a new normal. You may, but many peri women have changes occur all the time until they are safely on the other side of the Menopocalypse.  

5. You are not alone.

Many peri woman feel all alone in this.  Since doctors don't often tell you all there is to be concerned or confused about, it's easy to feel as if you're the only peri lady who has trouble with X, Y, or Z.  You'd probably be surprised to find out just how common some of the seemingly weird symptoms of peri menopause really are.  And once you do, you don't feel as afraid or alone.  The key is to find a support group among other peri women who have experienced more than the text book symptoms.  And as amazing as it sounds, there are MANY of us!  And we love to chat about it and help others out!  

6 Your body is probably not going to be textbook so don't worry about how it's SUPPOSED to go.

 Most doctors and society in general will tell you that peri menopause is something that most women don't even begin to deal with until they are in their mid to late 40s.  They say it's just mild hot flashes and a bit of brain fog and fluctuating hormones and menstrual cycles for only 2-4 yrs until you are in complete menopause (one year without a period).  For most of us, that's simply not true and here's a bit of why that is: 

* There are MANY other symptoms.

* Some of us started in our 30s.

* Often these hot flashes and brain fog and other symptoms aren't mild at all. 

* A significant number of us have had these issues for much longer than 2-4 years.

* And all of us feel emotional effects of the changes our bodies are going through and other things we aren't usually told.  

7. There is help. 

 There are support groups online, information and fun distractions available.  Humor is one of the things that has kept me sane in the 17 yrs I've been struggling with peri.  Here are a few of the things I have created that are helping my fellow peri people to cope.  You can find them on my Menopause Stuff page here on  

One of the things that will get you through is our brand new Menopause Survival Kit designed to be an All Natural help for the major symptoms of peri and menopause in one convenient and fun kit you can fit in your purse or glove compartment.  If you click on the link above or the picture below, you can read more about it.  

We are running an introductory offer for this kit while supplies last so make sure you order yours now, before the introductory phase is over.  You peri body will be very glad you did!  

Please leave a comment below with your peri story. How long have you been struggling and what are your most frustrating symptoms?  


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    JoJo Tabares on
  • I am in early menopause I need all the advice I can get – so I love this :)

    Amber Harrop on
  • Some great information. Love when all the information is in one spot. Thanks for researching this and sharing with us.


    Brooke on
  • Glad it helped you.

    JoJo Tabares on
  • Very informative. While I’m just beginning at 47, my main complaint is the unstable and irregular periods. Your article gave me some good ideas.

    Gabrielle on

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