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GGB Main PixIt has come to our attention that a Florida home owner is being harassed by his neighbor every time he BBQs.  In fact, the state of Florida has ordered him to keep the BBQ smell from leaving his property!  How ludicrous! The video in the article linked above has been all around the internet by now.  We at Grape can't help him though he has been in our prayers, but we would like to show our support by sending him a free Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mat. The problem is that recent articles about him give him two different names and we cannot find an address or email address for him in order to contact him so we can send him one.  According to our research, this article (and others like it) says his name is Christopher Mat.  However, this article (and others like it) says his name is Scotty Jordan. So...we are asking for your help!  If you have any idea how we can contact him, please post your suggestions as a blog comment. Here is a video showing part of the encounter: Any help in reaching him would be appreciated. We'd love to shower a bit of good over him for having to deal with this difficult neighbor! Check out our Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mats for sale on Amazon, click here!

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