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Free: Family Fun On a Budget!

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Family Fun on a Budget CoverWe had a newsletter a while back, but it was in its infancy and I was called to other activities so I have suspended our newsletter indefinitely.  However, we had a few really grape newsletters that, when put together, provided a large list of free and nearly free activities you can do with your family. Summer is a grape time to be with family and a good time to begin finding activities you and your family love to do together.  The weather is good enough to do inside and outside activities. However, this special gift for your family also gives you ideas for winter as well as everything in between. It's free!  So download your copy here today! If you liked this post, please share it on social media!  The buttons are below.  And we'd love your feedback so please share your thoughts in a comment!

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  • Love this! What great ideas for family fun. I am so gonna do # 8. YouTube Science Day because I always just use our books and never even thought of just using youtube!
    Carlen |

    Carlen on
  • […] It’s free!  So download your copy by visiting the Grape Stuff blog post here! […]

    Free: Family Fun On a Budget over on our Grape Stuff blog! - JoJoisms JoJoisms on
  • I don’t really know. You might have to look that one up.

    TheGrapeOne on
  • Can you use chalk paint over high glossed painted cabinets? Are there other colors then white?

    Katharina Almada on
  • Thanks, Carlen. Glad you found it useful. There are so many fun things to do that don’t cost anything or at least very much. Enjoy!

    TheGrapeOne on

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