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Feb 23 Leap Year? Anyone born on?

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RIch and JoJo 25yrsWelcome back to the GRAPE stuff that is our blog.  This week has very special significance for us, the founders of Grape Stuff, LLC.  Last month (on January 24th) we celebrated our 29th anniversary.  Above is a picture of how we looked on our wedding day and next to it is a picture of us in 2012.  So...we look a bit older now.  lol A little more than a month after our anniversary and the world celebrates Leap Year.  Only one out of every four years is there a February 29th.  It's a special occasion as is a wedding anniversary.  Our son pointed out that this special day is on the 29th and we had been married for 29 years.  I hadn't noticed that, but he brings a correlation between the two events that are true for all special events in our lives.  Here's what I mean. Our 29th anniversary had us looking back at the many changes we've been through.  Jobs, businesses, children, college goodbyes, and a daughter who started a marriage of her own this past year.  Those anniversaries, birthdays and other special anniversary dates allow us to reflect on our families and how they've grown and changed. If you are a Leap Year Baby, your celebrations are a bit different. Many Leap Year Babies will count only the years in which there actually was a February 29th (all in fun) and say they are only a quarter of the age they actually are.  As I'm getting older, this doesn't sound like a half bad idea! ROFL My dh and I count our togetherness in a different way.  We were dating five years before we got married so we have actually been together for 34 yrs.  As I reflect on that, I realize we've made ourselves look a bit older doing it that way.  Our Togetherness Gauge is actually the opposite of the Leap Year Baby Numbering System. many of you were born on Leap Year or know someone who was?  How many of you were married on Leap Year?  And while we are at it, how long have you been married? Come share your anniversary and what insights you have come to by looking back at your life as the years have gone by.  How have your children grown? Are they still living at home?  Are you an Empty Nester yet?  Soon?  (Our son is our last child at home and he is a Junior in High School so there are precious few years left before he goes off to college.) How about your family?  Come share.

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