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When I was a child, most families had two parents and one income earner.  My folks were married with a home and three kids by the time my mom was 23.  But families are changing in the new millennium.  

According to the CDC, women are waiting much longer to have children these days.  In an article by U.S. News, "The number of mothers having babies even later in life also drew the average up. From 2000 to 2014, the proportion of first births to women aged 30 to 34 increased 28 percent, and those among women over age 35 went up 23 percent." 

It seems that waiting until college is over and career has started gives families more financial security.  Many, like my own daughter and son-in-law, are waiting til they can buy a home before having children.  

What I found equally interesting about the article is this:

"Fewer teens are having babies and drawing the average down."

These statistics imply that the increasing trend to wait to have children overall may have a positive effect on families going forward as the parents may be better financially and mentally prepared to bring up their children. 

Other articles indicate that some moms worried about waiting too long to have children - running the risk of their babies having Down Syndrome or other issues.  And yet other reports are that there appears to be an increase in genetic testing and Amniocentesis, which some argue may cause miscarriage.   

Families are changing in the modern era, but it may not be a bad thing.  What say you?  

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