When Your Family Lives with WEIRD Stuff

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When I was a young girl, I got mercilessly teased by my school mates because I was the only one who didn't have a middle name.  They kept badgering me to disclose it believing it must be pretty bad if I wouldn't even admit I had one.  

When I was a teen, I was the only one of my friends who moved around so much she couldn't quickly (and without extensive explanation) answer the question, "Where are you from?"

When I began homeschooling my kids, I had to explain that English is weird and you could memorize the "rules," but you'll still have to memorize all the exceptions in order to spell correctly. 

When I was a in my early 30's, I began having more and more symptoms of chronic illness, but no doctor was able to help me.  

When I was 37 and had my son, I began having horrible peri menopause symptoms, but my doctors said I was much too young to be starting so they refused to test me and so I went for over 17 years struggling with hot flashes, brain fog, and other weird meno symptoms all on my own.


Now that I've had my right ovary removed and am facing having all my other female pieces parts taken out to make sure the cancer they found didn't travel, I am feeling the need to help others who have faced life from the Weird Side...lest you think you are the only one and you aren't sure how to get through it.  

 When you struggle with weird stuff, you (and your family) fight against it instead of accepting it and moving through life along the weird current allowing it to take you where you need to go.  The first step along the Weird Life Path is to accept that life isn't fair, isn't textbook and may not now or ever resemble the life of your friend, neighbor or family member.  

English is weird, menopause is weird and life can be weird.  Your journey may not look like anyone else's.  Your mileage may vary.  Some assembly required.  But if you embrace the madness, look for the humor, ask God and others for help, you can ride the Weirdness Wave all the way to the shore.  And if you can help and support others along the way, you may also be a blessing.   

To that end, in my 17+ years of peri menopause brain fogged, hot flashed, and hormonal chaos, I'd like to offer some humor, some hope and some help.  You can find them all on this page of our site.  It's called Menopause Stuff.  All the stuff you'll need to get through the struggles with humor, grace, support, and information you need to sail through instead of fight the current.




If one of the weird things you've been dealing with is menopause or peri menopause, I can help with that.  Here are a few things you can find when clicking on the above link:

Menopause Movie Rating System to avoid excessive crying when choosing a movie






Menopocalypse: The Movie.  Not really, but it's under 60 seconds of humor depicting what it feels like to be dealing with menopausal symptoms and what others think it is.  

Menopocalypse: Surviving Menopause. Our Facebook group!




































What's your Weird Life Journey?  Share here.  I'd love to pray for you!

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