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Family New Year's Resolutions for 2016!

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MotherreadingtochildrenWhat are your family's New Year's Resolutions?  Do you do them as a family?  Or just individually?  I think it's important to get your entire family on board with goals you have for the coming year.  We've done that with ours for many years now. Even when it was something that really only affected the two of us (dh and me), we always sat the kids down and discussed it with them and asked them how they felt and if they had any questions, comments or even ideas for us. You'd be surprised how much great info can come from creative innocent minds. This year it's just our son and the two of us as our daughter is married now and living in another state.  So we sat down and discussed what we plan for our business and personal life, church life and our extra curricular activities.  For example, our son is a gamer and fairly good with a computer.  He'll be working on some videos for us this year. Some will be educational (recipes and ideas on how to use our products) and some will be purely for fun! Are you planning to move this year?  Working on a project in your home?  Do you have a family business?  A health issue that needs attention?  How can you leverage the power of the family in order to meet your goals?  How can you take advantage of the creative juices of your four year old daughter or the expertise of your 14 y/o techie son? United we stand.  A family that plans together is a force to be reckoned with!  Please share your goals, dreams and how you plan to come together as a family to accomplish them in 2016! By the way, this month's newsletter article was a list of 52 ideas for spending family time without breaking the bank.  No and low cost ideas you can do once a week with your family.  You should subscribe!  The newsletter is full of great info, ideas, freebies and fun for families.  You should have access to the previous newsletter, but if not and you want it, just email me and tell me the email address you subscribed with and I'll forward it to you.

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