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Dusting is Futile

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2Last month I asked if you required your children to do chores.  Seems a recent survey said that only 28% of people actually require their children to do chores.  I wondered, if those families don't require their children to help out, do they do the chores themselves or hire someone to do it? Dusting is a chore I'd love to be able to pay someone to do FOR me, how about you?  Not only is it no fun, but while your laundry basket may appear endless; dusting seems futile.  No sooner do you finish than it seems you need to start again.  If you dust under a ray of sunshine, you can actually see the dust smiling at you as it settles back down on the table you just finished. I'm all for things that make life easier!  I love those Swiffer Dusters because they are easy to use and the dust does seem to stick to it allowing you to get rid of more of the dust so less of it settles back down on your table.  What about you?


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Grilling Easier!  Check it out!


Has your family worked this chore out?  Do your kids dust?  Do you do it?  Are you fortunate enough to be able to hire someone to do it for you? Do you take turns?  Do you use anything that helps?

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