Doctor's Rx: Go Outdoors

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backyardIn the last few years, a growing number of doctors have been prescribing the great outdoors for their patients and what ails them! According to an article written last summer, a pilot program began training pediatricians to write prescriptions for patients to participate in outdoor activities in order to avoid serious health issues more prevalent in children today that were once reserved for adults. "Dr. Christina Scirica, a pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Boston, says she has been seeing young patients with symptoms traditionally found in adults including, 're-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, vitamin D deficiency, joint pain, arthritis and hip problems.' Needless to say, she finds the development worrisome.  In an effort to promote better health for children and prevent chronic illness, Massachusetts General Hospital has been collaborating on a pilot program called 'Outdoors Rx,' which trains pediatricians to write prescriptions for patients to participate in outdoor activities with the Appalachian Mountain Club." Then there is this article that suggests kids aren't the only ones who need more nature: "Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from time spent outdoors. Studies show that time spent in nature can help stressed-out, “nature-deficit” adults, too. In Japan, Shinrin-yoku  — the practice of “bathing” all five senses with time spent in the forests — has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure, along with improving mood. Taking in the natural sights, sounds, smells and even touch and taste (carefully, of course) can be accessible for everyone, unlike expensive spa treatments." Another recent article suggests this is NOT a new practice! "Why don’t more doctors prescribe nature? They used to do so regularly. The practice gained popularity in the mid-19th century as cities rapidly expanded. In Your Brain on Nature, Eva Selhub and Alan C. Logan explain that sanitariums, or health resorts, gained popularity during the Industrial Revolution as concerns increased about overstimulation, noise, and smoke in cities. Doctors began prescribing their patients visits to more hospitable climes such as the Swiss Alps or the Adirondacks for afflictions from tuberculosis to mental health issues. A thriving industry of sanitariums sprang up with names like the Pines, Lake View, and River View." Finally, there is this article in which it says that doctors aren't happy with exercise, but want it done OUTdoors: "Mounting evidence shows benefits of being out and active in green spaces: less tension and stress, lower blood pressure, improved immune system responses, and milder ADHD symptoms in children." So it seems that doctors are, in recent years, prescribing one of Americans' favorite summertime activity:  Outdoor BBQs!  And we, here at Grape are proud to help you in that healthy activity, by providing the Grape Grill Buddy which provides for additional health benefits: * BBQ grill mats keep food off germy, dirty campground grills! * Nonstick grilling mats increase the time your family has to enjoy the outdoors by making clean up quick and easy! So get outdoors!  And if you haven't BBQ'd yet this summer because you are dreading those dirty, germy campground grills or because you don't want to have to spend time cleaning up afterward, click this link and order your Grape Grill Buddy today!

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