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Do you require your children to do chores?

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shyness5I read an article that I posted on our fan page the other day. It shared a statistic about families I had a hard time believing. "A 2014 national survey, conducted by Braun Research, found that 82 percent of parents said they were asked to do chores as children. But when they were asked if they required their children to do chores, only 28 percent of them said yes...A generational shift in how families raise their kids, in other words, appears to be turning even the most mundane of responsibilities, like doing the dishes, into unthinkable nuisances.” Twenty Eight Percent?!  I found that hard to believe.  That would mean that the vast majority of families, not too far from almost all families, do not require their children to do chores! My dh and I grew up doing chores around the house and we have required our children to do them too.  We feel that each person living in our home should take some of the responsibility.  We require our children, even when they were young, to contribute age-appropriate chores and tasks to the family each week.  But we have found that, in doing so, our children have happily volunteered to help with even more than they were required to do. We feel that requiring our children to do chores and contribute to the family helps ready them for life. It gives them life skills they'll need as adults and an appreciation for others as well as a work ethic and a generous nature. Did you grow up doing chores around the house?  Do you require your children to do chores around YOUR house?  How old are your children and what do you require them to do to help out around the house.  And if you don't require your children to do chores, who does them?  Do you do them or do you hire someone to do them?  And how do you feel not requiring children to do chores impacts the family?

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  • Our oldest is 4, so their chores are limited, but I think it is very important that my kids understand that they need to contribute. They help put away their clothes and my 2 and 4 year old load their dishes, put them away, put their clothes in the laundry, and pick up their rooms themselves. It’s a start :-)

    Jenna on
  • I guess I’m not the only one who was surprised at this statistic. Kuddos, ladies!

    TheGrapeOne on
  • We’ve given our kids age related chores since they were little and as teenagers they are pleasure to have around. My son is 18 and my daughter is 16. When we visit friends for lunch our kids always offer to help clear up and do the dishes, and they do it with a smile :-)

    Michelle on
  • Of course we do! Household responsibilities are just a stepping stone into adult responsibilities. I’d rather have them learn about the consequences now, under loving care, than out in the harsh world.

    yvie on
  • Of course! I’m shocked by that number too! My kids start doing their own laundry at 6. And they have to help with household responsibilities too. And when I start getting mouthy responses I know I need to have them do more.

    Kristie on

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