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Day 10 Project GRAPEful

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Project GRAPEful Grape News LogoProject GRAPEful continues…Recap: We aim to bless our readers who, for the most part, have had a very difficult year in 2015.  For the next 21 days until Thanksgiving day, we will be sharing inspiring stories and things we are “GRAPEful” for.  We pray these tidbits bless you and that you and your family will find peace and strength each day.  (Aside from being able to enter to win prizes which you can read more about by clicking the link above.)  Here is part four of my article, The Blessings of Pain: 3. Pain gives you understanding. Nobody can understand what another is going through like someone who has already been through it.  Understanding is a huge blessing to those who struggle with chronic illness, especially the kind we call invisible illness where test results and doctors don’t corroborate or justify their experience.  Most people with invisible illness are desperate to feel understood.  When they encounter someone who truly understands them, they feel vindicated and not so alone.  Someone acknowledges them. Someone truly hears them and understands and that is priceless to one who has been fighting the good fight alone for years. So today, I’m thankful for the understanding I have gained in order for others to feel someone else understands them.  What are your struggles and what are you thankful for today?  Please share as a comment down below this post. And please share this post with your Facebook family and other social media friends to inspire them to come and share their own as well.  We’ll be praying for each person listed below. ============================================================= Here’s what will be awarded for the contest so far: 1. The most inspirational story 2. The person who shared our blog posts the most 3. The most insightful thing gained from doing this project Prizes will include: GGB Main Pix   Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mats     Adult'sStudies3001   Art of Eloquence Prize Packages     =============================================================

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  • I’m grapeful for God drawing my family back to putting Him first in our lives as a whole family. He is helping my husband to take a more active role of spiritual leadership, and that makes a big difference. It is still hit or miss, but it’s happening more frequently than it was. We prayed for each of our 10 children this morning before anything else. Then he took 3 of the kids to church. I wasn’t feeling too well. Then he led 4 of the kids in Bible study this evening. And I am grapeful!!!

    Penney Douglas on
  • Today I am grapeful for my YouVersion Bible app. It has various bible plans, and January 1 of this year I began a Read the Bible in a Year plan with it. This has been a real blessing! It has helped me stay on track in achieving that goal of reading the whole bible in a year. And I’ve learned so many new things by doing it this way. God has revealed some key things to me. I’ve completed 318 days and on track to complete it January 1 2016! And then I’ll start all over again :)

    Joan on
  • I am grapeful for my father in-law. He is quite thoughtful and generous! Tomorrow we will receive a delivery of precut firewood to burn in our fireplace. This will be at least the third year he has given us this gift of warmth and cozy gatherings. He is an amazingly strong man considering he is still grieving the loss of his spouse who passed not quite two years ago.

    Laura Cassity on

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