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When his first day of school is as a senior high student

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

My little boy is growing up. I remember when he was just three years old and he taught himself to read by playing Jump Start Third Grade on the computer.  He was too little to reach it by sitting on the chair. He had to stand up and on his tipey toes.  Wasn't it just yesterday we played Drag Math?  That's where I would promise to drag him around the house by his feet if he answered an addition or subtraction question correctly.  

Yes, my little boy was growing up alright and it was his first day of a senior high student!  You see we, like many others, homeschool.  Our daughter was in private Christian school until her 5th grade year and then we homeschooled her through to graduation.  However, she went to public school for four classes in her senior year in the hopes of securing a few letters of recommendation for college.  She did quite nicely with that and got into one of the most elite universities in the nation.  Our son did attend a few co-op classes from time to time, but he's been homeschooled since birth.  

But this year, he was headed out to his first day of school as a senior.  It was a rather odd feeling for both of us that day.  Many ask me if he is having a hard time adjusting.  You don't know my kid.  He's fairly comfortable anywhere.  He gets along with kids his age, young kids and even adults...and always has.  He's a go with the flow kind of guy and he just loves his two classes because they are subjects close to his intended college major: Film.  

School is a bit different than I remember.  I'll grant you that was about 40 yrs ago!  But things have certainly changed.  Here are just a few things I've already noticed: 

1. Blue and Gold days: It's called block schedule or something.  That's when you have half your classes on Blue days and half of them on Gold days.  His two classes are only on Blue days, but to make it even more confusing, Blue days aren't MWF or anything you could keep track of without an Outlook Calendar.  They are every other school day.  So sometimes they are MWF. Sometimes they are WF. Sometimes they are T/Th. So I had to look them all up and enter them into my phone and put them on a printed calender so I can TRY to keep track.  Good luck to me!   
2. Extra School Holidays: When I was in school, way back last century, we had major holidays off.  You know, things you recognize like Christmas, Easter and Spring Break.  Nowadays, schools have extra holidays that nobody can even tell me what they are.  Some are Teacher In Service Days.  Others are things I can't even remember and nobody knows why.  
3. Snow days: This is a concept I was familiar with, but never really had much as I didn't spend many of my school years in a place that had much snow. 
4. You can email your teachers: Wow!  Technology!  That's pretty much all I have to say about that. It's actually pretty cool. My son has already emailed his teacher and he's just had two class days so far.  LOL  
5. The Drop Off Ballet: When I was taking my daughter to school, we just drove in, pulled into the parking lot and dropped her off.  Nowadays, you have the police directing traffic and there is only one way in and out of the school.  And if you do it wrong, you're in serious trouble my friend.  Not necessarily from the police, but from the other parents!  

Well, that's all I have for you so far.  It's only been two class days, but it's both very different from the school I remember and very different from the 16 or so years he's been homeschooled.  I'll keep you posted.  What's your back to school story?  


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  • Thanks Christina! Keeping track of the days he is in school is the most confusing thing in my day now. I had to put it on my calendar. And now with my upcoming surgery, I’m not sure who will pick him up from school as I won’t be able to drive for two weeks afterward.

    JoJo Tabares on
  • Times sure have changed when it comes to school, haven’t they?
    When I was teaching in the classroom we discussed having classes every other day (like your blue and gold days). I was so confused! I was never so grateful as when the district decided not to go that route.

    Good luck to you and your son this year!

    Christina (There's Just One Mommy) on

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