News from around the Grape World: February 2018

Posted by Joanne Tabares on

Here are the most valuable things we shared this month--in case you missed anything super important for your family!

To start things off, we had our monthly column from the Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo: Happy Valentine's Day from Mug Man and Java Jo with inspiration for being a loving couple all year long and beyond children to the empty nest! 

We also had a weekly article series going for families in trial called Paul vs Job over on the Life Beyond Surviving site. JoJo shared lessons from Paul.  To view the other weekly articles in this series, click on Life Beyond Surviving blog and scroll down.  

Our monthly contribution from Art of Eloquence, had our second installment of Truth Markers.  This post on consistency was the third marker, but you can go back to the blog and scroll down to read the first one from last month if you missed it.  

 Then here at Grape Stuff, we had two other blog posts of interest to families this month: Top Ten Important Family Conversations to Have and Fast Facts on Families: Older Moms Trending.  


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