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Grape Stuff is dedicated to supporting families by providing information and products that help families discover more quality time, have less conflict, and promote greater understanding.  So far we have identified three major areas that have been a difficulty for most families and so we have divided our site into three main categories: 

Families often spend a great deal of their time preparing for and eating meals.  One of the ways in which Grape Stuff has made family life easier is with our Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill and Cooking Mats.  

We know it's much more important to spend time cooking and eating than it is cleaning up so the Grape Grill Buddy is a set of non stick cooking, baking, and BBQ mats that allow for easy clean up while maximizing your cooking experience whether it's on a grill or cookie sheet.

As families grow, mom or grandma will enter a new phase of life that affects the entire family.  Menopause (or as I affectionately refer to it), the Menopocalypse, brings with it many symptoms that a woman cannot ignore and will desperately spend time and effort trying to deal with. That time and effort can better be spent with the family.  In order to make things easier for a peri or post menopausal woman and her family, we have designed the Menopause Survival Kit and all of the other information, and support that will allow her to more easily move past these sometimes debilitating issues and focus more on her family where she really wants to be.  

The last area we have identified is hardship. Many families are struggling with financial difficulties, health issues, or communication difficulties.  These hardships can have devastating affects on family relationships so Grape Stuff is in the process of releasing several digital products that help families deal with these trials.  The first of these is a digital resource called Say What You Mean for Moms.  

 We will have more coming soon so keep checking back. Also if you have an issue plaguing your family and would love to see a product or resource that would provide a solution, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to