Menopause Survival Kit

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 The PERFECT Gift for the Menopausal Woman!

Did you ever spend your spare time in the freezer section of your local grocery store?

Do you cry at toilet paper commercials?

Have you ever forgotten your OWN name?

Do you wake up already needing a nap?

 Then you know the struggle that is menopause! You are not alone!  But what you may not know is that there is hope and there is help. 

Hi. I'm JoJo Tabares and I'd been in peri-menopause for over 17 years before my Hysterectomy...ever since my last child was born. I've been through just about every meno issue, tried many of the remedies, and talked to thousands of not so "happy, peppy people" (I Love Lucy reference) about their meno and peri journey.

Now, don't worry.  This doesn't mean your peri predicament will be as long or eventful as mine.  What it DOES mean is that I've gone through just about all there is to go through for long enough that I can help you!

Introducing the Menopause Survival Kit, by Grape Stuff!

  • All Natural!
  • Nontoxic!
  • No side effects!
  • Guaranteed to make you giggle and lift your spirits!
  • Meds and hormones don't always work, but this WILL give you relief!
  • All in a convenient carrying case!
Included in the Menopause Survival Kit, by Grape Stuff:
  • Tissues for Your Menopausal Issues.  If you find yourself crying over spilled milk (and the fact that it's Tuesday), you know how often you go looking for a tissue.  I know how difficult crying in public can be, especially when you are caught unprepared away from home. This beautiful tissue pack will help you cope with your meno issues even when you are out and about. 
  • Happy Notebook and Lipstick Pen. Do you forget things?  So, funny story...I actually forgot about the notebook and pen when I first wrote this product page.  My son pointed out that it was missing!  This set is not only functional, but completely adorable!  The notebook is exceptionally well made and will make you smile as you write down all the things you don't want to forget: lists, ideas, your name!  And the pink lipstick pen is easy to hold and writes well. Never forget the important things again. Write them down in a place that reminds you that you can still smile. 
  • Adorable Sleep Mask. I've had insomnia for years!  I've tried just about everything except hard-core sleeping pills-mostly due to the side effects. During the summer months it doesn't get dark until about 10pm (at least where I live) and the sun rises quite early in the morning. What little sleep I do get, I don't want to be interrupted by Mother Nature!  With this cute, soft, and comfy sleep mask you can gather all the Z's you need to feel better each morning. 
  • Hand Held, Battery Operated, Purse-Sized Personal Fan.  I've tried just about everything for hot flashes! Some of the remedies had side effects and the others just plain didn't work for me. There is one thing that works EVERY TIME: cool air!  This surprisingly high-powered personal fan gets the job done every time and with none of those harmful side effects! Air has, after all, no preservatives and is nontoxic.  You can adjust the fan position too. Plus, it's really pretty in pink!
  • Pink Chocolate Candy Pieces. If you are like me, you have found yourself with a few cravings during your time in peri, but none more obsessively than...CHOCOLATE!  I've been known to eat an entire bag of M&Ms. That's all fine and good when you're home, but what if a chocolate craving hits you when you're out?  You can't be expected to wait those endless minutes to get home (or to the candy aisle at Costco)!  And where else are you going to find these deliciously adorable pink candy pieces?!  Just the smell of them calms my cravings! 
  • Soothing Nature Sounds CD. Anxiety and even depression may be part of your peri-menopausal experience.  If so, you've been searching for something to help you relax or lift you up.  The soothing sounds of running water, bird song, and instrumental music are just what you need! Many have touted the calming effects of nature, but you can't always get out into it.  Now you can have the calming sounds of nature in this beautiful CD!  
  • All in a lovely Pink Carrying Case! This case is small enough to take with you in a large purse, tote, or glove compartment. This well-made hot pink waterproof bag zips closed keeping all the items of your menopause survival kit at hand wherever you go!  And that's not all!  
  • Bonus Gift: The Menopause Survival Guide. Whether your body is new to menopause or it just developed a new symptom, you'll enjoy this guide full of tips, ideas, and helpful links with answers to all your menopause questions. And for your giggling pleasure, there are some meno funnies to help ease your mind, lift your spirits and assure you that you are not alone in this! Here's what it covers:
    1. What is Menopause/Peri Menopause?
    2. What are the symptoms?
    3. Remedies and Relief of Menopausal Symptoms
    4. Having FuN with Menopause-visual and text-based humor that helps you become comfortable in your new skin and aware that you are not alone! 
    5. Helpful links to groups with answers to your peri questions.
    6. Menopausal Movie Ratings-A link to my rating system to help you pick and choose movies you are hormonally equipped to watch.  
    7. Hot Flash Happenings Newsletter-A link to the sign up to my monthly newsletter featuring hilarious brain fog and hot flash stories, poems, sayings, funnies, tips, and ideas!

JoJo, I would like to thank you for the beautiful Menopause Survival kit I ordered. It came yesterday and was so fun opening it up and taking out all the goodies. It will definitely come in handy and the sleep mask is fantastic. I highly recommend it.” Crystal O.

Even if you could find everything included in this kit, you'd spend well over  $50 and hours of frustration locating the individual items from different vendors on the web...and you still wouldn't have access to the valuable information in my Menopause Survival Guide.  Instead, I've done all the work for you and you can have it all for the low introductory price of only $27!

But hurry!  After the introductory phase, we will be raising the price by over 37%.  Be among our first customers and take advantage of this amazing value today!